Welcome to Bus Event Center

a unique space whatever the event!

The Bus Event Center is a ministry of Experience Life and all proceeds go directly to fund the church's mission. The Bus Event Center partners with Experience Life to continue to serve the Lubbock community by providing a new, modern venue for you to host your next event. The revenue from the Bus Event Center will help fund ongoing efforts to serve the Lubbock community through Experience Life. By choosing to host your event here, you will also be a partner in these efforts to serve this community.

My name is Tyler Dipprey and I am the Director of the Bus Event Center. I am here to answer any questions you have about our venue and help make sure that your event is all that you desire it to be. I have been a part of putting on hundreds of events over the past ten years and I would love to use this experience to help make your event incredible. I can help answer any questions that you might have, help you book a tour of the building, and help you book the venue for your event.

Our Story

Bus Event Center

In 2010, Experience Life purchased the property that was formerly the TNM&O Bus Station in the heart of downtown Lubbock, TX and renovated the building to use this location as one of the church campuses. The former bus staging area was turned into a auditorium and the lobby area was converted into several classrooms and multi-purpose rooms, with a modern industrial aesthetic maintained throughout the building to tie this new space with it's historic roots. Over the past decade, countless people have inquired about using this space to host their events and after repeated requests, the leadership at Experience Life decided to meet the demand of our community. Thus, the Bus Event Center was launched in 2019. The Bus Event Center offers an event venue to host weddings, parties, and formals, and business meetings and other corporate events. We combine a unique industrial space in the heart of downtown Lubbock, top-notch audio visual and lighting capabilities, and attentive staff to make sure that every event is a hit, whatever your occasion to gather!