Answers to the most common questions

    General Questions

    When do we meet with our Venue Concierge?

    Within 30 days of your booking, Bus Event Center staff will contact you to go over any questions you might still have and schedule your 30 days out meeting. A meeting 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding will then be scheduled with the concierge handling your event. At that meeting, we will discuss timeline, vendors, music for ceremony, as well as any other wishes you have for your wedding day. Please remember this person is not a wedding planner but a concierge for the day of your wedding

    What is the maximum number of guests your facilities can accommodate?

    Our largest room holds up to 300 chairs comfortably. The number of seats that fit into the room is dependent on the set up for your event and if any tables will be in the room.

    Do you allow outside vendors?

    We have a list of preferred vendors that provide all our catering, bartending, and DJ services.

    Do you provide tables and chairs?

    Yes, and the Bus Event Center staff will provide a one time setup for your event.

    What type of decorations can I use at the venue?

    Click Here for Decoration Usage

    Do you provide alcohol? Can we bring our own alcohol?

    We do not provide alcohol. Alcohol is allowed and may be served under the following conditions:

    • You must let your concierge know about your desire to have a vendor serve alcohol at your event.
    • We will then connect you with our exclusive vendor who provides all of our bartending services.

    • For every event in which alcohol is served, Bus Event Center will hire off-duty police officers at your expense unless otherwise approved in writing. The minimum cost $300 for five hours.

    Technology Questions

    Would your video cameras be a distraction during my event?

    Absolutely not. We have three robotic cameras that are run from our sound booth and do not require anyone moving around to get the perfect shot. Additionally, we have one manually run camera at the back of the room which is placed very discreetly. These cameras allow us to get video footage that you won't find at any other event center in town.

    I have family that can't make the event, is there any way they can see the event?

    We have you covered with our Streaming Package. We can use our video broadcast system to stream your event directly to Youtube where you will be able to provide your guests a link where they can watch live. Not only that but we can also provide a copy of this Live Stream within 30 days from your event.

    What does the dance floor look like?

    Is there a sound system at the venue?

    We have a start of the art facility. We have 3 Martin Audio Dual 10" subwoofers and 4 Martin Audio powered speakers. For your event you will have access to needed microphones, projectors, and computers. Our venue DJ will provide all night fun and if you would like a band instead they will sound amazing on our sound system.